The Plenary is an online blog sponsored by the Department of Education at UC Santa Cruz. Established in the Winter of 2015, the Plenary is a generative space for new ideas and for collaboration across faculty and students – undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students – and throughout the Social Sciences and Humanities divisions.

The term, “plenary” describes sessions attended by all meeting participants and signals the inclusive online space we hope to cultivate–one that invites participants from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The subtitle: Inquiry into Pedagogy, Practice, and Policy also establishes inquiry as the foundational practice we hope each post evokes.

The Plenary serves as a way to deepen our commitment to one another, to the program beyond our individual research, and to the field of education scholarship. Currently, Mecaila Smith, Rebecca Buchanan, and Ethan Chang, doctoral students in the Education Department are curating submissions. We encourage you to visit our submission page for information on submitting.







Notes: This blog is made possible in part by UC Santa Cruz’s Education Department funds received through the Blue and Gold Research Group Seed Grant Application and a response to the initial grant application: “Envisioning a Culture of Scholarly Debate: A Proposal to Institute an Education Department Blog.”

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